• Frog Pose. Ribbit Ribbit

  • Two blog post in one day! It’s a miracle. Or the cookie dough I ate totally gave me a high and now I am all “LETS DO THIS”! I give it 20 mins. Tops.   I don’t do the frog pose. Say wah???? This post is about new born sessions. I seem to have a lot more of these rolling on in. I love them.[...]
  • I'm baacckkkk!

  •   Ok. It's been a LOOOONNNGG while since I posted anything. Long time. Too long. Again I say, I suck at this blogging thing. I’ll TRY to be more up to date. Try. The last year or so has not been kind to me. I got sick. I got better. Then my mom got sick. She did not get better. We los[...]
  • Oh YEAH! Blogging!

  • So its been a while. A long while. A really long while. I suck at blogging. There I said it. I have great ideas to share with you and talk about - in my head while I am driving to an event but as SOON as I get home...poof! All gone. Lots of stuff going on. Big things are afoot here.  Some change ups[...]