Monthly archives:September 2013

  • First Look, Pumpkin Lattes and Trust

  • Its fall. YUP YUP….PUMPKIN LATTE TIME!!! Yum. I think I have already OD’d on said items, but I LOVE them! A little buzzed off one now. I am kinda slow on this whole keeping up with the blog thingy, but its my busy season and I am lucky I remember my name let alone find time to blog. So today I want to talk about som[...]
  • I don't do tableshots

  • I hear a lot of interesting things when I am working. Mostly at weddings. Cause nothing makes people act all stupid more than open bar and more open bar (I can say this cause there is a video of me at my friends anniversary party dancing….and open bar is the reason). So, in honor of said Open Bar Actions, here is a [...]
  • Confessions of a Photographer

  • I had a crazy busy weekend as usual filled with wedding drama, family drama, friend drama. I shot over 5000 images this weekend (gah!) and traveled farther than I wanted to. But I met some amazing people and had SOOO much fun shooting at a farm for wedding photos on Friday (in 105 heat index, whimper).  I also got the [...]