All About CeCee

I used to cringe at the pages that have the “about me!’ section.  I mean, what can I tell ya? I have been in the biz since 1994. I went to NIU for photojournalism. After taking a class with Prof Bass there, I realized I did NOT want to shoot news stories. Yick! Death! Destruction! Mayhem!  So not my style. I left college, broke and hungry. I got a lovely job at the mall taking photos. (Have pity on these people, they are so under paid, under trained) I learned MORE out in the field than I did in school. (However go to college kids, its totally worth the student loans. No really! I got a hubby and 4 amazing kids from college. Well not FROM the college, but ya know. I give up. Just go to college, mmmkay?)

Fast forward a few years. I’m working my retail thing, not making a dime and one of my employees says to me “You should meet my husband, and go work for him. He needs go getters like you.’ So I did, and got a job being an insurance adjuster. I still worked evenings and weekends at the retail studio. But I felt I wanted MORE. I remember being on Cat Duty (catastrophe duty) in Canada for an ice storm. I asked a fellow adjuster if he saw him self working there still in 20 years. He was like heck no, I’m gonna write a book and be famous. He turned the question on me and I said “I want to own my own photography company.” That was January of 1997. That April I bought all of my own equipment and started what is now known today as Payton’s Photography. I had a lot of trails and errors. Mistakes and business blunders. But I have always loved being a photographer.  I’ve shot with film and digital. I’ve owned both canon and Nikon cameras. But the love and thrill of getting that one perfect shot has always mattered the most to me.


I hope to be a part of your memories and history.

Say Monkey!!



Master Photographer, Mom, Wife, Diet Coke addict and Wonder Woman Fan