Confessions of a Photographer

I had a crazy busy weekend as usual filled with wedding drama, family drama, friend drama. I shot over 5000 images this weekend (gah!) and traveled farther than I wanted to. But I met some amazing people and had SOOO much fun shooting at a farm for wedding photos on Friday (in 105 heat index, whimper).  I also got the BIGGEST kick out of the fact that  a Mommy Blogger I follow posted photos of my kiddos and I in celebration/distraught  of school starting. Rants from Mommy Land totally gave me props for the photos and I love her long time for that. You should read her blog. She is a LOT funnier than I am.

Back on my soap box. Do not yell at your photographer for something she had nothing to do with. It is not her fault that YOU the florist lost the boutonnieres. (did I spell that right? you know, those flowers that go on the guys? The ones that everyone but me puts on wrong and I have to re do because they can’t figure out the PIN GOES BEHIND so it is not visible?).  Also….FEED YOUR PHOTOGRAPHERS/VIDEOGRAPHERS. These people have been running around like crazy people doing all of your pinterest requests, making sure every family member is where they are supposed to be, getting yelled at by florists for the last 6-8 hours. Throw them a roll, some salad, a freaking diet coke. ANYTHING. I cannot tell you how many weddings I shoot that they forget to feed me.  Soap Box Now Closed.

Man, I am crabby today. I need to end this entry on a happy note. I am really excited about fall family photos. I LOVE the fall. I love the colors, the weather, the wonderful smells. I am getting so crazy booked that its getting hard to fit in all my clients. That is a great thing. I am blessed that some many people trust me to make their memories for them. The kids just make my heart melt. I love seeing them grown and change.

I’m off to edit and get a diet coke and maybe enjoy the sun for a little while before my kiddos come home from school. I promise to be happier tomorrow. Maybe funnier. At least I can’t be any more crabby. Well, I could if you took my diet coke away…..






Ok, So I am SURE I am doing this wrong. My web designer Goddess Dina is going to come in and yell at me in her Jersey way and tell me I screwed this all up. I’m good with that.

I have been saying for months now I should jump on the band wagon and blog. So I am gonna blog.  Some of my things will be wedding related, family, pets the like. Some may be my personal views on weddings.. I have a LOT of those. Maybe advice for future bride and grooms. Maybe advice for mom’s looking to get that perfect photo shoot.

So, first confession.

I subcontract.

There, I said it. I subcontract for another wedding company- they call me up (sometimes text or email too) and say hey! Can you shoot a wedding this day or that? And because I have a HUGE issue with living with in my means I almost always say yes. Its a wonderful company I sub for and I am grateful to the added income.

But I always get the “Why? Aren’t you successful enough with out having to do that?” After I kindly tell the person that they just managed to backhand me verbally, I tell them I do whats best for my family. I then go home and growl at my husband that these people just don’t get it. And he tells me I’m right (did you HEAR THAT??? I’m RIGHT!!) they don’t get it. They aren’t photographers, they don’t do my job. They don’t know that its not as simple as pushing a button and snapping a picture. He tells me to let it roll off my shoulders and know I am in the right place. So HA! I’m RIGHT! HA HA HA!.

I have to run off to a wedding now. I will have more confessions as the days go on. So have a great weekend and remember that I’M RIGHT!!