First Look, Pumpkin Lattes and Trust

Its fall. YUP YUP….PUMPKIN LATTE TIME!!! Yum. I think I have already OD’d on said items, but I LOVE them! A little buzzed off one now. I am kinda slow on this whole keeping up with the blog thingy, but its my busy season and I am lucky I remember my name let alone find time to blog.

So today I want to talk about something that is taboo in the old school world of weddings. First Looks, Bride Presentation, what ever you wanna call it. Where the bride SEES the groom before the wedding. Its really a magical moment. The groom stands alone with his back to the bride, and she approaches and he turns around at the tap on his shoulder and they have their moment. He tells her she is beautiful. She may shed a few tears. They hug, maybe kiss, and take a moment to realize that today they are to become one. Then I jump in and say “ROCK ON! LET’S GET THESE PHOTOS MOVIN’!” Ok, maybe I am not as loud as all that. No I am. I LOVE first looks. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Not only do the bride and groom RELAX and are so happy to see each other, their smiles are more real and they are thrilled to hold and see each other. And I get can every photo I ever wanted and then some done. I can do all bridal party photos, all bride and groom photos and sometimes all of the family photos. So the bride and groom can then enjoy their night and I know I got all the photos they could ever want.

Now, for all you people over there going on and on about how the groom shouldn’t see the bride and blah blah blah…ok, fine. Have it your way. BUT THEN MAKE SURE YOU GIVE ME TIME TO DO THE PHOTOS AFTER THE SERVICE. (yes, I did just write that in all caps). When I get assignments for a sub contracted wedding, I sometimes cringe. Case in point, last Friday I shot a wedding outside at 6pm. Sunset was at 644pm. Service was to be 30 mins. They wanted outside photos. No First look.  Now, you are sitting there saying “Just use a flash or something”. Yeah…it still isn’t the same. Service started 10 mins late. I still managed to rock the photos and get it ALL DONE in about 20 mins. Even a kick butt sunset photo of the bride and groom. But it was stressful. I had to bark orders, I had to rush and sweat and cringe at my task master like voice. So if you want to wait to see your groom…be sure to allow for time AFTER your service for photos. 30 mins is NOT ENOUGH because no wedding starts on time. I don’t need three hours, but an hour would be nice. So please? Pretty please? The florist, minister, dj, your bff or even your mom is NOT the person to talk about time management for your wedding day. A GOOD wedding planner (Jackie Hart I am looking at you) or your photographer can give you an honest run down of what will work and won’t work.

So I talked about Pumpkin Lattes (hmmmm) and First Looks…so now onto trust. Trust me. 90% of the time I will get what you are after for your photo shoot. Usually I surpass what you were hoping for. But trust me, and we will have fun. Lots of fun. And Lattes! LOTS OF LATTES!!


Ok, busy weekend coming up. two weddings and 6 photo shoots….STARBUCKS HERE I COME!!!!