I don’t do tableshots

I hear a lot of interesting things when I am working. Mostly at weddings. Cause nothing makes people act all stupid more than open bar and more open bar (I can say this cause there is a video of me at my friends anniversary party dancing….and open bar is the reason).

So, in honor of said Open Bar Actions, here is a top 5 list of things said to me as of late:

1. Why aren’t you wearing a dress?

Um….have you SEEN me running around all day? I wear black dress pants and a black shirt of some sort usually. I am kneeling, running, tip toeing,  squatting, sometimes full out laying on the ground. I CANNOT wear a dress.  Same goes for my shoes. I normally wear my black gym shoes. Again with the running and squatting and running some more. Dress shoes don’t cut it for me. I am standing on my feet for 8-10 hours and I NEED to be comfortable. I got asked this past weekend when I was going to change my shoes. This was by a staff member at a county club. I smiled and said “When I get home?” They informed me that ALL employees MUST wear dress shoes while working. This is where my sparkling personality came into play: “Well isn’t it awesome then that I DON”T work for you??” and tralalaled my way to go shoot the wedding.

2. You can just photoshop that right?

Sure. For an extra $125.00 an hour. I can do some interesting things with editing. I can smooth skin, I can hide a car that may have zoomed by in the background. But photo shop takes TIME. I would rather get the photo right the first time and go with it.

3. Why don’t you do table shots?

I hate them. Is that an easy enough answer? Mostly its because I don’t enjoy asking people to stop eating so I can take a photo of them with food stuck in their teeth and 99% of people DO NOT WANT TO TAKE IT.  Plus, depending on the size of the wedding I can’t get to ALL of the tables and then I am asked later why didn’t I get all of the tables. I prefer to get candid shots of people in groups, talking, laughing and mugging for me. But table shots, surrounded by uneaten food and dirty glasses just doesn’t do it for me. (And if you ask me to photo shop the food out I will throw my friends canon camera at your head)

4. Man you have an easy job. You work what, 5 hours a weekend? Nice!

I’m sorry, you said WHAT??? Yes, there are the few lovely small intimate weddings that I shoot maybe two or three hours only. A FEW. Most weddings have me there 8-10 hours.  I currently shoot 2-3 weddings a weekend. That doesn’t include the prep time, the editing time, the time I took to meet with the couple, follow up emails, calls and so on. I put a lot of time into my craft. My hours may be different than the typical 9-5 job, but I like it that way.

5. Have you ever heard of Pintrest? I saw this great photo that pintrest did….

I am grinding my teeth as I write this. Pintrest didn’t take that photo…a PHOTOGRAPHER did. You know, the person with the CAMERA?? THE PERSON??? Pintrest is a great time suckage website. Yes, you can get great ideas there. I appreciate that people want ideas and go there for said ideas. However, understand that SOME things can’t be replicated. Like the bride that sent me a photo of a couple on a street with palm trees lining it up and down. Um, we live in the Midwest. I asked her about it and she was like “Isn’t it awesome? I totally want that shot for my wedding.”  Ooookkkk.  Is it a destination wedding and you didn’t tell me???  Also, give me just a teeny tiny amount of creative freedom. I will be happy to attempt your photo ideas but I will also add my twist to it. And NO I WILL NOT PHOTO SHOP IN THE PALM TREES.  Twitch.

This may sound like I am whining, but really I’m not. (ok, maybe a little- or a lot about the pintrest thingys). I love what I do. I love that I can do it full time. I love getting that one shot that just makes me go “OH YEAH….”  Like this weekend, I shot three weddings (note to self, keep it to two a weekend, I need my sanity and sleep) and I got this amazing shot of the bride and her bridesmaids. (I can’t figure out how to upload it, but its on my facebook page…..go lookie) Its moments like that, that make all the other pintrest/photoshop/dress/dress shoe craziness meaningless. Well, not the pintrest stuff. Stupid time sucking pintrest.