I’m baacckkkk!


Ok. It’s been a LOOOONNNGG while since I posted anything. Long time. Too long. Again I say, I suck at this blogging thing. I’ll TRY to be more up to date. Try.

The last year or so has not been kind to me. I got sick. I got better. Then my mom got sick. She did not get better. We lost her a year ago this month. It’s still weird to me that I can’t just call her up to have her agree with me that the guy at the gas station was a jerk or that my kids are perfect and that there teacher better watch it. It hurts.  My life last year became all about taking care of mom. I stepped back from shooting so many weddings, and poured all my energy into her. My family, bless them, didn’t seem too hurt for my lack of attention. My husband was amazing and did all he could for me, the kids and my mom. He even went to a care meeting for my mom because I had a shoot I could not reschedule.(Thank you to the new Mr. and Mrs. Warren who totally understood I had to take a call at the end of their engagement session- and STILL hired me for their wedding).  He let me vent, he let me cry, he let me get angry. He dragged me out to a new wine place and got me happily snookered on moscato wine (NEW FAV EVER!). I don’t really deserve him.  Man do I love him.

So this year, I still held back from weddings. I have about 10 to date that I have shot this year, with two more to go. Fall is here. My fav time of year EVER! I am all but booked for the month of Oct. I have a few dates open, but mostly I am happily busy all month long.

The new year will be here so fast. The holiday will fly by, and all of the sudden its January again.

I really want to focus on the amazing clients that I have. I’m sure I was not my normal happy self for some time. I tried so hard to keep it together, to be the crazy silly woman that I am for my kiddo clients. So to those that saw a slightly less happy C, thanks for sticking by me. Thanks for the hugs, the understanding of rescheduling (Lexi’s mom I am looking at YOU woman) and for still coming back to me for shoots.


So thank you.

 momDoris Marie Law

Oct 5 1932- September 25 2014

This blog post was a little somber, for that I am sorry. I’ll try to spice it up. Wait, did someone say spice?

PUMPKIN SPICE? PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE SEASON!!  WOOOT WOOT!! I’m gonna go to starbucks, I’m gonna go to starbucks…

This is my mom and my sisters and I about two weeks before mom’s illness came to light.

Mothers Day 2014

These are shots of my two older kids, and my sister Nancy and I with mom in her last few weeks. The last photo is of my sisters Nancy, Jean and Cathy and I toasting mom at her funeral. We all had a Apricot Stone Sour in mom’s memory.