Oh YEAH! Blogging!

So its been a while. A long while. A really long while. I suck at blogging. There I said it. I have great ideas to share with you and talk about – in my head while I am driving to an event but as SOON as I get home…poof! All gone. Lots of stuff going on. Big things are afoot here.  Some change ups in portrait sessions and the like. So be sure to check back often! I going to soon be offering print packages again. I am adding a Photo-Booth option as well for weddings and events! I have started working with a lovely network of Realtors taking photos of homes and rentals that are on the market.  I have other things that I photograph but don’t advertise on the website (School Functions,  Branding Head Shots, Boudoir) but plan to change that! Look for new “tabs” (is that right? Tabs? drop down links? what ever) to see what exciting things I can do! (however I will NOT be sharing Boudoir photos…this is STILL a family friendly website, you want samples, email me)

So I am here. Working as always. Happy to be where I am in the world of photography. I promise to try to blog more. Maybe. I don’t know.