Frog Pose. Ribbit Ribbit

Two blog post in one day! It’s a miracle. Or the cookie dough I ate totally gave me a high and now I am all “LETS DO THIS”! I give it 20 mins. Tops.


I don’t do the frog pose. Say wah???? This post is about new born sessions. I seem to have a lot more of these rolling on in. I love them. Babies are all squishy and fun and I get to play with them and then give them back when they cry.   There are some clients that come to me and want me to do the “frog” pose.  Since I do not DO that pose, I will find a photo and post it here for you to see (once I ask Dina the Web Goddess how to add said photo). babyfrog And here ya go! The frog pose! (not my photo)

It’s not ONE single photo of your baby. Nope. Its like 3 or 5 shots and its all photo shopped into one lovely image. So it’s not a photo of your baby. Now before all the other photogs that do this here pose get mad at me, relax! If the client really wants it, I send them to photographers that offer it. Usually when I explain that is not ONE photo and it’s a lot of editing and while I COULD do it, it would cost a boat load more for editing time, they usually go ok, go with whatever ya can do. And boy oh boy. Can I do a lot. I have had the best few sessions of new born babies lately. Sometimes they don’t wanna relax or sleep for me. So I get them to blink and it just LOOKS like they are sleeping. Heh.  Others are so knocked out I can manhandle them for a good hour and they let me get all funky creative.   I really stress the time frame to get their photos done. That and a super good feeding before I show up. I know it doesn’t always work, and that’s why newborn sessions can take longer than an hour.  I am hoping that at the end of this post I can have some samples of what I have been up to with baby session.  (again, depends on if I can figure it out or bribe my web goddess to help me)


Party On Photo Peeps!





SIDE NOTE- I just totally googled frog pose. HA! I got a bunch of new age photos of ladies doing the yoga frog pose. NOT what I expected.

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